How to pay with Gift Card

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The value of goods in the basket and the cost of delivery should be equal to or higher than the nominal value of gift card (do not spend the rest, if the purchase value is lower than the value of gift card).

In the second step „SHIPPING AND PAYMENT” (1), in section „SELECT THE MOST CONVENIENT PAYMENT METHOD” chose GIFT CARD (2). Enter GIFT CARD code/id in the field (3), and you can clik "NEXT" (4).

Gif Card how to pay

In the next step, in section "DELIVERY AND PAYMENT" you should see "Payment metod: Gift Card" and value. Now you can place the order.

If the value of the order is higher than the value of the Gift Card, in summary you will see the amount left to pay. By clicking on "Select payment method" - you can pay the missing amount.

If you have more Gift Cards repeat payment process by clicking "Select payment method".