Scientific Anglers - Techmology

Scientific Anglers offers the most advanced technology in fly-line manufacturing


Throughout our history, our superior chemistry has provided unmatched durability, permanent slickness, optimal floatation and sink rates that are unsurpassed in fly fishing. Our proprietary technologies and designs continue to be ahead of their time—allowing Scientific Anglers to bring you the future of fly fishing today. The following include some of our break through technologies:


Advanced Shooting Technology Plus (AST+)
is a new formulation of our patented dry-slick technology provides continual line slickness over the lifetime of the line. Up to 50% slicker than the original AST and 200% more durable than the competition. Fly lines with AST Plus cast farther, float higher, and stay cleaner than any other lines ever built. Click for more information…

Advanced Shooting Technology (AST)
Our patented dry slick technology sets the standards for slickness, and AST provides continual line slickness allowing the line to shoot farther as it moves virtually friction-free through the guides.
Dry Tip

Improved Dry Tip Technology
As if our original Dry Tip Technology wasn’t already good enough. Our team of lab engineers set out to find a formula for the HIGHEST floating, fly line tip section on the market today.
Mastery Textured

Mastery Textured
Mastery Textured Series fly lines represent a fusion of out traditional Mastery series and our Sharkskin series. Precisely replicated hemispherical divots, similar to those found on a golf ball’s surface, allow the line to outperform conventional fly lines.

These proprietary microscopic glass bubbles are added to the coatings of all Scientific Anglers floating fly lines to optimize line floatation by effectively trapping air inside the core and to provide precise control over the density of each line.

Scientific Anglers Line Identification (SA•ID)
As a result of our lab's mission to continually improve our lines, we bring you SA ID. SA ID is an innovative line marking system allowing you to identify your lines at a glance. Wonder if a shooting head is 200 grain or a 300? Just look at the SA ID.

With cutting-edge angling technology that is revolutionizing the sport, the Sharkskin Series provides the ultimate casting experience. Sharkskin allows you to cast further with less effort and with less line tangling—elevating your fly-fishing experience to a whole new level.
Welded Loops

Welded Loops
Exceptionally slick and strong, our welded Streamlined Loops produce smoother casts and easier turnover with a seamless fly-line-to-loop transition making for softer landings and cleaner pickups.

Tropi-Core™ Technology
Tropical environments are not only taxing on the angler but can also be taxing on a fly line. While too much heat can cause other lines to wilt, lines with Tropi-Core™ technology can withstand the hottest boat decks and warmest water environments.

TRP (Tactile Reference Point)
Tactial Reference Pont is a non embossed section at the AFTMA 30 foot mark. Allowing you to feel and hear the transition from our textured technologies.