Marc Petitjean Magic Tool Set

  • Marc Petitjean Magic Tool Set
  • Marc Petitjean Magic Tool Set
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Producer: Marc Petitjean
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The Magic tool will definitely become an indispensable tool to every flytier soon.

It will enable all of you to tie all kinds of flies and to use all sorts of components at one and the same time without any problem at all.

You can create any pattern you can possibly think of which you may not have been able to realize up ntill now. Mixing nice different colours and/or different types of feathers (soft and stiff), including dubbing and/or sythetic material ... the Magic Tool will do the trick !

The idea consists of placing all materials needed for a fly (dubbing and/or regular hackles and/or CDC feathers, etc..) in one of the 3 clips. Use the stem of the feathers or a tinsel wire to push the center of all components through the opening of the clip and both sides of all materials used will stand straight up together. Having trimmed off the excess on both sides, including the stem, it is then easy to transfer the materials from the clip by grabbing the tips with one of the two clamps. Place all materials held by the clamp into a dubbing loop and wrap your ‘hackle substitute’around the shank of the hook very easily.

The MAGIC TOOL comes with 3 clips, 2 clamps and 3 wooden ‘Equalizers’
which can be used for winding and cutting synthetic materials such as Flashabou and Crystal Flash in small strands of exactly the same size.