Scientific Anglers UST Express Sink 8

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  • Scientific Anglers UST Express Sink 8
  • Scientific Anglers UST Express Sink 8
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The fastest sinking fishfinders on the market – period! The UST Express Sink is a series of full sinking lines with weight / sink rates from 750grain-Sink 5 to 950grain-Sink 8.

These lines are designed to allow the angler to dredge the fly in the deepest pools or slow down the swing in the fastest currents.

  • Designed in conjunction with FFE specifically for the demands of European salmon anglers.
  • Fastest sinking shooting heads on the market.
  • Powerful taper turns over heavy flies with ease while maintaining a precise delivery of the fly.
  • No hinging provides a straight-line connection to the fly.
  • Shooting Texture allows the line to easily be lifted from the depths before the next cast.
  • Vibrantly colored tracer aids in identifying the back of the head in low light.
  • New and stronger loops.

SINK5 11,2m 750
SINK5 11,2m 850
SINK8 11,2m 750
SINK8 11,2m 850
SINK8 10,8m 950