Oros Strike Indicator Red/White Small

  • Oros Strike Indicator Red/White Small
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Producer: Oros
Accessibility: in stock

To fasten:

1. Unscrew top

2. Place line in screw slot

3. Screw on top until the screw and nut grips the line

4. Unscrew ¼ turn to adjust up or down

5. Don’t over-tighten.



Features and details:

Does not kink the line.

Float as much or more weight than the current leading brands.

Smooth surface developed to repel water and dirt, and create less drag while casting.

Made with a Biodegradable additive that accelerates biodegradation with prolonged exposure in natural environments, not in normal use.

Strike indicator top and bottom colors can be mixed or matched by anglers for optimal visibility.

Easy to use!


Sizes: Small - 16mm.

Color: Orange.

Pack: 2 pcs.