Wapsi Thin Skin Mottled Bustard

  • Wapsi Thin Skin Mottled Bustard
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Producer: Wapsi
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Thin Skin is a .004" thick, stretchable and transparent sheet material that has a matte finish on one side and a shiny finish on the other.
It is backed with a paper backing which makes it easy to cut into strip of all sizes.
When the paper is removed, the transparent sheet can easily be tied onto the fly.
The printed patterns on Thin Skin can create an extremely realistic and/or dramatic look to the fly.
Because Thin Skin stretches and compresses when thread or wire is wrapped around it, it is an ideal
material to use for shellbacks on flies such as scuds or sowbugs or for wing cases on nymphs of all types.
Many saltwater and bass flies tyers often use it to tie segmented crayfish and shrimp patterns.
Pack: sheet 5x18cm.