Hemingway's Dispenser Hare Dubbing II

  • Hemingway's Dispenser Hare Dubbing II
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Producer: Hemingway's
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Hare’s Dubbing “Hare You Go.” Doesn’t get any better or more pure than our premium H.D. 100% pre-hand, and hand blended dub. Which basically means it’s all done by hand and it’s blended to pure perfection! One of the most popular and widely used dubbings on the market, and for good reason. It can be tied to represent almost anything that swims, crawls, floats, or flies. Our mixture is a special one consisting of only the best quality rabbit available in the world, and only the best most tedious blending method know to man. We also use a special mixture of guard hairs, long hairs, and underfur which renders only the best, easy to use, most superior product in the industry!
Pack: 12 color dispenser.