Hemingway's Dispenser Frosty Dubbing

  • Hemingway's Dispenser Frosty Dubbing
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Producer: Hemingway's
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Frosty Dubbing is a extremely awesome blend of very soft, very long, very translucent, totally synthetic fibers. This dubbing was especially designed to have just the right amount of natural sparkle and reflectiveness without being overly flashy or having to much bling. The tier will find this dubbing very easy to work with, blend, and even use in ways that would be considered unconventional for most other dubbing. F.D. is highly effective for just about any and every application. Its uses range from tiny nymphs, and streamers to the largest of Pike, Musky, and Salt Water patterns. This is a must have for anyone that enjoys flexibility in their materials!
Pack: 12 color dispenser.